At WC&Co, we serve as Brand Ambassadors for our clients, working to promote and represent the brand to vendors. This includes keeping them informed about updates, promotions, and improvements, as well as actively monitoring the brand's evolution and offering suggestions for increasing sales. We actively search for new merchandising opportunities and provide product training to ensure that products are placed and displayed effectively. We also ensure that products are properly stocked and displayed on shelves during store visits. Our ultimate goal is to consistently drive orders for our clients through our efforts.↓

Key Ingredients

With decades of experience in managing and distributing brands across Canada, we understand the target customers and position your brand strategically. We know what is required.
We love what we do and we assure that our passion is transmitted through every stage of development and sales. We tell your story and bring life to your brand. We make an impact.
We work relentlessly, tirelessly and aggressively to achieve all goals, build awareness and deliver on brand promise at each point of customer contact. We get it done.
We have worked passionately, invested in and serviced all our stores professionally and efficiently which has resulted in great and supportive relationships with all the retailers at every level.
Whatever is required, whenever it is required and regardless of the day or time we always support our stores and have found that this has been reciprocated with our retail partners.
There is great value in being truthful, sincere and upfront with the people you work with in good or bad situations. Tell it like it is, put in the work, don't make excuses and magic happens.
There is great value in being We adhere to moral and ethical principals at every level. Everyone at WC&Co is of great character and we all live our lives and work every day with Integrity.
When you design a Good Plan, put in the Hard Work, use your Expertise, throw in some infectious Passion with relentless Perseverance, have the Relationships we have been fortunate to have forged, Support the stores and the suppliers at every level, be Honest and work with Integrity, you will Achieve Success...Always in all ways at WC&Co.